Wellman Lake Bible Camp

Duck Mountain Provincial Forest, Manitoba, Canada

Nurturing campers in their relationship with Jesus Christ


Wellman Lake Bible Camp is available for rental to schools, church groups, clubs, church families and nonprofit organizations.

See our facility page to read about the facilities available.
See our photo gallery for pictures of our facility.

Rental PeriodFee
  • The Camp Board reserves the right to decline any rental requests.
  • Scheduled camps take priority over any rentals.
  • Rental groups will be checked in and out.
  • Payment is due two weeks prior to arrival time.
  • Use of paddleboats, canoes, boat and motor is included in the fee.
  • No sports equipment is available for rental.
  • Damage deposit will be returned upon fulfillment of contract.
Weekend night$525.00
Two night weekend$800.00
Long weekend$900.00
Week night$425.00 for the first night,
$325.00 for each consecutive night
Full week$1,800.00
Damage deposit$500.00


  1. All facilities – kitchen, fridges, deep freezers, grill, washrooms, cabins, and chapel – shall be left in a neat, clean condition.
  2. All life jackets and oars must be returned to the boathouse. Paddleboats, canoes, boat and motor must be returned to their designated area (contact your camp representative to very the location).
  3. The rental groups must supply ALL their own food supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletry supplies, bedding and gas for the boat.
  4. No liquor or non-medicinal "drugs" shall be brought on camp property or consumed while in residence.
  5. No smoking anywhere on camp property.
  6. Fires only in designated area by the fire pit (or indoors in the fireplace), unless prohibited by park authorities. If any wood is used from the chapel, it must be replenished back into the chapel from the supply in the wood shed.
  7. Any damages to the facilities must be reported immediately. The rental group shall be responsible to pay for any damages incurred. A damage deposit is required.
  8. No writing or carving on walls, furnishings, or trees. The natural surroundings must be preserved as they are found. They are not to be damaged by careless behaviour or vandalism.
  9. There shall be no disorderly or immoral conduct.
  10. The rental agreement absolves WLBC of any and all liabilities that may occur on or off the premises. The rental group is responsible to obtain their own liability insurance.

Prior to arrival you will be given a code to access the lock box which will contain the keys needed.

The Camp agrees to provide the facilities at the specified fee and stated regulations. The Camp reserves the right to take necessary action, including dismissal, should its clientele not comply with this agreement.

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The Parks Department will pick up garbage. It is to be sealed in bags and placed in the cans located in the caged enclosure near the Camp entrance.


All the buildings are to be properly cleaned before leaving the campground. Cleaning supplies are provided.

Supplies to be provided by the rental group

  • All groceries
  • Canteen supplies
  • All craft supplies
  • Garbage bags
  • Overhead projector (if needed, a screen is provided)